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We were born with a pen in our hand

And this is what we're doing with it

inspiration for those of us who were born to write
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Hi, and welcome to born_with_a_pen.

I've made this community for those of us who love to write. The idea is a simple exercise that i've done in some of my creative writing courses. What happens is someone (feel free to do this) will post a line. It can be anything from, "i need you like water in my lungs." to, "her name was melissa, but no one remembered that." be creative. then other people respond to this prompt with a poem, short story, prose, song, dream, or anything that you want to write. Get creative. Have fun with it. If the person wishes to post a line and specify which type of writing they want. feel free. really guys, this is your community. tell me if you have any ideas or such to make this a great place. also, try to comment on other people's stuff and give us some feedback.

if you would like to just post a topic instead of line go ahead. ex: "write about your best or worst night time expirience in the summer. you music talk about the sky and the smell. it must be a poem." you may limit it or make it as free as you want. it's up to you.


1. Be creative
2. If you're going to post some negative feed back, give reasons, tell other people how to improve. don't just say "your writing sucks." explain yourself. if i find any unexplained negative feedback it will be deleted and you will be removed from the community. writing is art. and art is a subjective thing. what sucks to some may be great to others. and if you get negative comments that you do not agree with please restrain yourself from arguing with that person and simply ignore the comment. it's your work. do with it what you want.
3. Some erotic subjects may be touched on, but please, do not go into full detail. there are some things we just don't want to know....
4. if someone writes something with a political message you do not agree with, just ignore it. This is not a debate community. it is a writing community. all political arguements will be deleted.