wild_moon_beam (wild_moon_beam) wrote in born_with_a_pen,

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Trippin sisters laughing down the time
this is not some attempt to escape from our minds
so if you please don't close your eyes
the world will fly by in the space of a sigh
the mark is set are you ready to go
the energies pull us into the flow
i can feel that poison flowing thru my veins
and this old world will never be the same
these moments are ours in the quiet of dawn
while the world still sleeps we stretch out and yawn
no sandman knocking on my door
no sweet dreams or nightmares in store
i only want to rest my bones for a while
hearing the steady drumming of your heartbeat makes me smile
so wrap me up you know i'm feeling safe here in your arms
and theres something shining in your eyes thats setting off all my alarms
now I'm here to reminisce
about all the things we just couldn't miss
the sweet sad sound of the ending
theres no cost to the time we were spending
no explanation nor clarification for our maniacal hysterics
you already know whats on my mind before i even said it
i know now that time can be dismissed
it didn't matter enough to be missed
the seconds and minutes and hours tiptoed by
we took no notice of them as we contemplated how to fly
and the silence cant be awkward if its overflowing with sound
i know you are just like me as we touch our feet back on the ground
i feel i've died ten thousand times and then been born into this skin
i know i've seen your eyes before with that loving soul shining from within
now all the world is back in its place but i cant seem to find my own
so take my hand we'll wander here until we find a place to call our home


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