Kate (blushinlkewine) wrote in born_with_a_pen,

ill bring the wine you like.
you bring that billie holiday record i love.
i'll wear those shoes
that always made me feel pretty.
you wear that shirt
that always made me want to hold you.

we can be happy.
if only for a night.

let the wine glass dangle in your hand
while we sway and fall into the moment.
smirking into your shoulder
i can't help but blush.
you whisper the lyrics in my ear.

we can be euphoric
if only for a little while.

you tell me i'm beautiful.
melting me down to a puddle of rapture.
forget the wine.
forget the song.
kick off the shoes
throw away the shirt.

eyes on eyes.
hands in hands.

we can be flying high
if only for tonight.
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