Kate (blushinlkewine) wrote in born_with_a_pen,

the roar of winter and a pang of loneliness

the days are shorter
the nights are colder
the hours seem lonelier
but your eyes are still the same.

the same blue i fell in love with years ago.

you're a liar
and you can't keep a promise.
and i hate a person who breaks hearts
the way you always manage to.

but even when i envision a vicious farewell
and even when i try to block out your name
something brings me back
something always takes me back to you.
my hands are permanently attatched.
i just cannot let go.

suddenly every song is about you
and every storyline is my life.
and every swell in the air
is every ache in my heart.

i shed a tear for every cancelled plan
and i rant and rave
and know exactly what i will say
next time i have a chance to tell you off

but then you answer with a hey there
and it all dissolves
every angry word
every hateful thought
all the awful tears
and swollen heartbeats
every single rejected emotion
slithers away at the sound of hello

once again forgiveness is bestowed
and yet again i am alone.

you're not as special as you seem
i'm not as strong as i thought.
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