incentive_blue (incentive_blue) wrote in born_with_a_pen,

Seventeen 17

Every moments I see, Seventen
As vast as the ocean and swallows everything
You can be as you are
Everything has to be true as much as can be
Too young at 16, Too old at 25, Seventeen
Noises can be heard the best within me
Strong and Vividly and I embrace them
Hold my sugar till it melts into your heart
Feelings and memories turn to be
the golden roses, and i feel them in nostalgic

Sadness never stop, but instinctly it makes you more pleasant
You go so dark, but it gets brighter than anything else in the world

Im falling down....
Broken heart inside mine
Whispering your soul to me
Cant control my impulse
it bruises like a hurricane......

Smile, scream and cry as natural as can be
I can listen to your pure heart whispering me gently, my seventeen
The moments I can never go back to
The feelings I can never get back
Disappointed and disillusioned by deceitful
You're running away from the reality, Seventeen
Fly as my golden forever, Seventeen
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