Jeremy (holdontightdear) wrote in born_with_a_pen,

Mindless chaos-

The wind is in a crazy rush//no mind can see its total power//loosening inside his brain//He walks to the end of the roof//insanity eats away at him//he turns in crazy movements// he must get out of here//so he jumps//

he stands firmly on the ground//completely there//all at once//he’s finally there//safe and sound//no one can touch him//well he takes not for granted but; //no one can touch him//he knows his general state of his life is confusing//so he walks//confused but at a hush//so he walks//starts walking faster, for fear of the cold//why is he afraid of the cold//afraid?//why would he be afraid//he’s only walking//walking?//why’s he walking? where his he walking?// scolds the skin warn out by the wind with in this tin can//tin in the air is to sharp//why is it so sharp?//go back//stumble//don’t stop//go back//thrash at the wind but go back//run//stumbles a tree stump//

the tree stump in the field startled him//the tree stump in the field tripped him//he’s stupid why was he running?//well cause he tripped over the tree stump..//no he trip because he was running//and he was startled because he was running….//startled?//stop.//

why is there a tree stump In the field//
I’m scared for this thing//there’s no trees around//why would I be scared if there where no trees around//long grass//why would I be scared//winds blowing to hard//I would be scared if the trees were gone because I couldn’t breath//the wind is blowing to much air//the trees are leaving//I cant breath//so much wind//going inside my lungs//run//I can’t breath//sculls crumble in//

I am fine//just a little tired from my walk//I’ve been walking quite far my legs are tired// I should probably rest//I’ll sit on this tree stump//up by the apple tree//I’ll pick an apple like Johnny apple seed//Johnny apple seed?//is that his name?//must be//well why would I be him//I don’t think I want to be him//why would I have to be him?// run?//no I’ll stay on this stump//no I’ve tripped before//I must get up//wait they don’t like me//run//everything stop//

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