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hi im kim from seattle!!!

marble eyes and trade mark tongue
the memory of your death forever young
lucky charm cheeks daisy lips
sinful character from a wine glass she sips
your taste is tangy and alive
i lost my way in the end do i survive?
chainsmoking lungs fragile and frail
you own my love and my emotions are for sale
fairytale lovers bathing in booze
is it my soul from me you choose?
lightening is my lantern show me the way
i erase your face and mold it in clay
wishful and belated
wired and sedated
round belly and intense face
your soul is a ribbon and your heart is draped in lace
asylum of morphing gods
will i excape...what are the odds?
dilated pupils and bloodshot tear stains
broken sentences in my sleep did you hear about the morbid reigns?
candy coated kisses
serpent flavored hisses
life dies,life bleeds
i demand your scent what are your needs?
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